Simplicity + Sustainability...The fresh way is the best way.


Stand Out

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.iNDIE4 is a boutique catering company that proudly offers bespoke, innovative, full-service catering in St. Louis and the surrounding area. We specialize in corporate events + private events + weddings + nonprofit functions.


We are rooted in utilizing fresh, thoughtful ingredients to prepare our precious, wholesome dishes. Our goal environmentally, is to minimize our earthly impact. We source locally and sustainably as much as possible. When we aren't sourcing, we are growing – most of our greens are grown in-house. Each drop off/to go item is packaged in a recyclable, compostable or biodegradable container.  

▼ It's our responsibility to deliver the highest level of service to every client. Our food is simple goodness and beautifully presented. Contact us to learn more! ▼